Davina McCall presenter of A&E Live

April – May 2018

Live Director


Optomen for ITV HD

Director of 3 x 48 minute unique 'live documentary' from a fully functioning accident and emergency department at Leeds General Infirmary. Presented by Davina McCall and stripped on ITV primetime across 3 nights.

The project had significant and far reaching consent issues created by broadcasting live in an operational hospital. I collaborated with the senior team to develop processes and procedures to mitigate the risk. When crafting the production schedule, I championed the need for sufficient rehearsals to fully test the processes ahead of transmission.

I worked closely with the Series Director and Director of Photography to translate the look and style of the VT material in to live output. I specified required resources (both staffing and technical) and recruited key personnel.

The programme was completely reactive to the stories gathered immediately before and while on-air, resulting in numerous running order changes throughout each transmission.



  • Davina McCall with a couple on their first date, that's ended in A&E

    The couple on a first date that ends in A&E.

  • An expectant Mum chats to Davina McCall

    Davina McCall chats to an expectant Mum after a road traffic accident.

  • Davina McCall with the golfer admitted to hospital after an accident on the green

    A golfer is admitted to A&E after a nasty accident on the green.

  • Clinical Supervisor Gavin McCune with Davina McCall

    How Yorkshire Ambulances' "RAT" cars saves lives.


Davina McCall
Live Director
Stuart Earl
Executive Producer
Nicholas Steinberg
A&E Live

"Stuart was so talented, creative and calm. It would have broken most people but he handled it like a complete pro."

Tina Flintoff and
Nick Hornby
Exec Producers, A&E Live