Michelle Ackerley interviews DCI Janette Bashall at the Liverpool Fire and Rescue Training Centre for Crimewatch Roadshow

April 2016 – Present

Series OB Producer & Director

Crimewatch Roadshow LIVE

BBC Studios Unscripted Productions for BBC One

Series OB Producer and Director of the daytime version of Crimewatch, broadcasting live every day from a different location – capturing the extraordinary efforts the police and other emergency services go to, to protect the public from crime and its impact.

I completely refreshed the visual style of the 'roadshow' elements of the programme – using branding and police assets to create an identity for the OBs (that dovetailed harmoniously with the studio output) – where previously there was none.

I introduced a dynamic shooting style – choreographing action, editorial content and technical resources – to maximise the creative impact of our output.

And broadcasting LIVE from a different location everyday, it was necessary to develop a close and immediate working relationship with stakeholders at each venue. I enjoyed collaborating with them, to adapt and stage for the programme their particular specialism.



Michelle Ackerley
Series OB Producer & Director
Stuart Earl
Series Producer
Denise Mather
Series Producer
Joanne Dunscombe
Exec Producer
Joe Mather
Crimewatch Roadshow

"Stuart delivered exactly what we hoped he might.  The OBs felt totally refreshed this year – full of energy, ambition and variety – above and beyond anything we've ever done before."

Joe Mather
Exec Producer, Crimewatch Roadshow