Jeremy Vine with Huw Edwards in the BBC's election studio.

March – May 2015

Virtual Reality Director

Election 2015 LIVE HD

BBC News for BBC One HD


VR director for Jeremy Vine's inserts in to the BBC's General Election result programme.


  • Jeremy Vine with the Labour battlegrounds

    Preview: the virtual worlds that'll grace our screens on election night.

  • Jeremy Vine reveals the swing from Labour to SNP

    The fortunes of the parties dramatically revealed by the swingometer.

  • Jeremy Vine with the Lib Dem "house of cards"

    The Liberal Democrats' collapsing "house of cards".

  • Jeremy Vine in the virtual House of Commons

    Inside a virtual House of Commons with the make-up of the new parliament.


Jeremy Vine
Virtual Reality Director
Stuart Earl
Strand Editor
Benedick Watt
Election 2015

"There is nothing quite like the complexity of the virtual reality sequences … and it takes a lot more skill and vision than people think to really make them work well, so you deserve much praise for achieving it.."

Claire Bellis
Lead Director,
Election 2015