Evan Davis with Chris Grayling, Peter Mandelson and studio audience for Newsnight's EU Referendum Sovereignty Debate.

January 2014 – May 2017

Studio Director

Newsnight LIVE HD

BBC News for BBC Two HD

Designated Studio Director for the daily news analysis programme presented by Jeremy Paxman, Evan Davis, Emily Maitlis and Kirsty Wark.  I co-ordinated resources to maximise the creative impact of the studio production in a manual gallery setup.

In addition to directing the daily programme, I also directed 2 x 30 and 2 x 60 minute specials on topics covering the Middle East peace process, the economics of the EU, the welfare state and the 2016 European Referendum.


  • Dame Harriet Walter in the Newsnight studio

    Dame Harriet Walter performs Lady Macbeth's murderous soliloquy.

  • Lemington Ridley and Nejc Jus perform a rhumba to "Speak Up Mambo"

    Strictly – as banned by the British Dance Council.

  • The Military Wives Choir perform "Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead" on Newsnight

    Ahead of their BBC Proms appearance, the Military Wives Choir perform.

  • Actor Jonathan Pryce

    Jonathan Pryce with a reading of Dylan Thomas' best known villanelle.

  • Evan Davis in the Newsnight studio on the evening of the 2015 Budget

    A pre-election budget full of treats? Evan Davis analyses the figures.


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Kirsty Wark
Emily Maitlis
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