Do The Right Thing:

This Morning:

  • Jack Whitehall's shock at the x-rated texts sent from his mobile

    Jack Whitehall's shock at the
    x-rated texts sent from his mobile.

    This Morning

  • Phillip Schofield puts a protective arm around Holly Willoughby

    Three's a crow-d: 'Russell Crow' gets Holly in a flap.

    This Morning

  • Rylan Clark-Neal, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes play the Conveyor Belt from the Generation Game

    Generation Game revival: Eamonn and Ruth play the conveyor belt game.

    This Morning

  • Fairy Blossom on the set of ITV's This Morning

    Meet Blossom, the real-life fairy with a magic spell for Holly.

    This Morning

  • Holly Willoughby with Dr Zoe Williams, Dr Shirin Lakhani and patient Annie

    The lunch break cosmetic procedure that'll give you a 'designer vagina'.

    This Morning

Crimewatch Roadshow:

  • 'Rioters' throw petrol bombs at the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Training Centre

    Restoring order: on the front line with the Met's riot officers.


  • Mounted police training at the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch Training Centre

    Inch perfect timing from the Met's Mounted Branch display team.


  • Michelle Ackerley with engineers from the Metropolitan Police's Marine Policing Unit

    Keeping the Metropolitan Police's Marine Unit on the water.


  • Michelle Ackerley with a 'mock heritage crime scene' in front of St Alban's Cathedral

    The irreversible damage heritage crime is having on our national treasures.


  • Stage magician Rob James demonstrates his 'pick-pocketing' skills on Michelle Ackerley

    Brazen examples of pick-pocketing and how to avoid becoming a victim.


Good Morning Britain:

Andrew Marr Show:

BBC News at One + Six + Ten:

  • Huw Edwards in the BBC election studio

    Live from the election studio on the eve of the 2015 General Election.

    BBC News at Ten

  • Huw Edwards at Westminster

    Live from Westminster as MPs vote on bombing so- called IS targets in Syria.

    BBC News at Ten

  • George Alagiah reports live from Peel Docks in Liverpool

    George Alagiah is live in Liverpool for day 2 of the Road to Recovery tour.

    BBC News at Six

  • Fiona Bruce presents the weather for the first time

    "And now the weather…" Fiona Bruce presents the forecast for the first time.

    BBC News at Six

  • Sophie Raworth presents the last BBC News at Six from BBC Television Centre

    Sophie Raworth says goodbye to TC7 at
    BBC Television Centre.

    BBC News at Six


  • Evan Davis in the Newsnight studio on the evening of the 2015 Budget

    A pre-election budget full of treats? Evan Davis analyses the figures.


  • Actor Jonathan Pryce

    Jonathan Pryce with a reading of Dylan Thomas' best known villanelle.


  • The Military Wives Choir perform "Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead" on Newsnight

    Ahead of their BBC Proms appearance, the Military Wives Choir perform.


  • Lemington Ridley and Nejc Jus perform a rhumba to "Speak Up Mambo"

    Strictly – as banned by the British Dance Council.


  • Dame Harriet Walter in the Newsnight studio

    Dame Harriet Walter performs Lady Macbeth's murderous soliloquy.


Election 2015:

  • Jeremy Vine reveals the swing from Labour to SNP

    The fortunes of the parties dramatically revealed by the swingometer.

    Election 2015

  • Jeremy Vine in the virtual House of Commons

    Inside a virtual House of Commons with the new look parliament.

    Election 2015

  • Jeremy Vine with the Lib Dem "house of cards"

    The Liberal Democrats' collapsing "house of cards".

    Election 2015

  • Jeremy Vine with the Labour battlegrounds

    Preview: the virtual worlds that'll grace our screens on election night.

    Election 2015

  • Jeremy Vine with this election's marginal seats

    Why opinion polls won't reveal the outcome of this election.

    Election 2015