Crimewatch Roadshow

Pick-pocketing: how to avoid becoming a victim

With some brazen examples of real life incidents caught on CCTV – stage magician Rob James demonstrates how charm and sleight of hand can put you at risk of becoming a victim of pick-pocketing or distraction robbery.

And having seen how easy it can happen, Zara Kingdom from the Metropolitan Police has practical advice on how you can protect your belongings when you're travelling on public transport.

I was particularly proud of the way I was able to stage and choreograph this item – using the VT floats as an opportunity to reposition our two cameras – to make it a dynamic and engaging watch – full of movement.

TX Date

10th June 2016


Michelle Ackerley
Rob James
Inspector Zara Kingdom
OB Producer & Director
Stuart Earl
Executive Producer
Joe Mather
Chris Perry
Series Producer
Denise Mather

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